"The sky takes on shades of orange
during sunrise and sunset,
the colour that gives you hope
that the sun will set only
to rise again."
While at work:Our beloved Salim Da [from the left], is resting and chit chatting under the shade of the lengths of drying muslins.He has always been an integral part of our work schedule.He has driven us to all the nooks and lanes of the interiors of the villages where all the handlooming takes place.The summers are tough,but the best time to weave.The sun sits high in the sky and lets the process of fabric drying done on time.
The artisan and his family try to finish weaving before the break of sunset. The women and their husband takes alternate seats in the pit loom paddling ; while we sit next to them and inhale the scent of the fresh made fabrics ; while salim da is enjoying his evening tea and snacks with a fellow man there. 
This is where I find peace,amongst the fabric lays and sound of the looms.It is for real;creating wonders!