“For every minute that I spin there is in me the consciousness that I am adding to nation’s wealth”
- Mahatma Gandhi


A Charkha Story is an attempt to continue what he started. Gandhiji, took tremendous measures to bring khadi into acknowledgement of the masses. Somehow, the significance of khadi faded with time. The quality and purity of the fabric got mixed by many opportunists, who thought only monetary gains by selling purity compromised khadi fabrics and garments. 

But as there is saying , every sunset brings a promise of a new dawn : numerous ngo’s, trusts or units and individual designers stepped out to save the lost heritage of India , “ Khadi” . Some got certified with the khadi and village industries commission and took in charge of weavers and spinners by forming clusters.

The artisans were/are allotted with specified work , trained and provided employment by the Government under various projects like PMEGP(Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme),SFURTI(Scheme of Fund for Regeneration of Traditional Industries), KRDP(Khadi Reform and Development Programme),etc. The finished goods were/are then supplied to Khadi Bhavans and certified khadi outlets across the country, eventually benefiting the artisans and the consumers.This was a major leap in the textile sector of our nation. According to survey the sales graph in khadi sector is only on rise every year.

One such trust that is a part of the khadi sector is Burdwan Rural Khadi Gramodyog Samity. It was established in the year of 2014 ,November ,19. It is located in the town of Burdwan, West Bengal. The trust works majorly with hand woven ,pit loom fabrics. On 19,December,2015, the unit brought its first retail outlet in Pune and “A Charkha Story “ is the identity provided to this Trust.

Our constant effort remains to benefit our artisans by providing their best work to you.